DisplayBuddy vs TwinkleTray: The best app to control monitor brightness on Windows

Discover the best Twinkle Tray alternative for controlling your monitors on Windows

DisplayBuddy and Twinkle Tray are two popular software tools that allow users to control their monitors on Windows. Twinkle Tray is an alternative to DisplayBuddy that has been appreciated for its design and open-source code over the years. However, Twinkle Tray’s features are limited to controlling your monitor’s brightness, lacking important features like support for some of the latest monitors (like the one’s made by Apple) and the ability to save settings across multiple monitors. The app interface can be complicated at times, with controls like contrast hidden behind obscure menus, and is missing critical features like resolution and rotation control for all your screens.

In contrast, DisplayBuddy is a powerful alternative to Twinkle Tray, offering advanced features like controlling monitor contrast, input source (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, etc), support for turning off displays and easily saving brightness levels across of your monitors to restore later with a single click!

To help users choose between DisplayBuddy vs Twinkle Tray, here is a detailed comparison of their capabilities:

Feature DisplayBuddy Twinkle Tray
Control the real brightness and contrast of monitors
Native brightness control for all modern monitors using DDC/CI without touching the buttons
Use keyboard brightness and volume keys
Use the keys you’re already used to
Multi-monitor support
Manage all your displays at a glance
Control displays made by 
Includes the Apple Pro Display XDR, Studio Display & Thunderbolt Display
Control the volume of monitor speakers
For monitors with built-in speakers

(only using keyboard)
Create Presets
Save settings across multiple displays and restore them with a single click
Control display rotation
Easily rotate your displays to match your physical monitor - 0°, 90°, 180°, or 270°
Control display resolution

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