MonitorControl Not Working on M2 Macs? Meet Your New Best Friend, DisplayBuddy!

DisplayBuddy is your MonitorControl alternative for M2 Macs

If you’re wrestling with your MonitorControl not playing nice with your shiny new M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max Mac, you’re certainly not alone. But hey, don’t fret! There’s a fantastic solution at hand - a nifty little app known as DisplayBuddy.

DisplayBuddy: Next-Level Display Control

DisplayBuddy is not just a replacement for MonitorControl but is a significant upgrade. Let’s see why.

Comprehensive Functionality

DisplayBuddy allows you to control your monitor’s brightness, contrast, and even volume for built-in speakers, right from your Mac or Windows system. Now, isn’t that convenience redefined?

Wide Compatibility

What sets DisplayBuddy apart is its broad compatibility. Dell, LG, Acer, Samsung, BenQ, PRISM - you name the monitor brand, and DisplayBuddy has got you covered!

Simplified Management

Managing multiple displays is a breeze with DisplayBuddy. You can sync controls, switch inputs, power off displays, and even save settings as Presets for later use, all directly from the app. Now, that’s what I call a user-friendly experience!

Switch to DisplayBuddy!

So, if you’ve been grappling with the “MonitorControl not working on M2” issue, it’s time you switched to DisplayBuddy. This smart, powerful app offers a seamless, hassle-free display control experience, whether you’re on a new M2 chip Mac or a Windows system. Give DisplayBuddy a try and take control of your displays like never before!

Detailed Comparison

If you want a detailed feature-by-feature comparison of MonitorControl vs DisplayBuddy, you can find it here!

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